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Nguni Brewing Co. proudly stands among the fearless craft brewers in the vibrant city of Durban, South Africa, making its mark in 2016. Founded in partnership by three individuals – a passionate brew master and two enthusiastic beer connoisseurs – our brewery is driven by a commitment to crafting exceptional, one-of-a-kind

Embracing Local Heritage

At the heart of Nguni Brewing Co. lies the essence of Southern Africa's East Coast – the Nguni cow. Symbolizing the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of the local Zulu community, Nguni cattle are renowned for their unique markings, each cow boasting its own distinct pattern, akin to human fingerprints.

Embrace the Goodness: Natural, Organic, and Healthy

Embracing a health-conscious approach, our craft beers offer not just exceptional flavors but also provide your body with vital antioxidants, contributing to stress reduction and overall well-being.

Crafting Unique Beer for Diverse Palates

Inspired by the individuality of Nguni cattle and the vibrant spirit of Durban, we infuse our beers with the same essence of uniqueness. Our passion lies in creating extraordinary beers that cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences, delighting multiple markets with every sip.

Join the Nguni Brewing Experience

Step into the world of Nguni Brewing Co., where tradition meets innovation, and craftmanship is celebrated with each brew. Whether you're an avid beer lover in Durban or a visitor eager to explore new taste sensations, our diverse selection of beers promises a journey like no other.

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Nguni Brewing Co. in Durban, South Africa – where heritage, creativity, and quality unite to redefine the craft beer experience.